All-State Pest and Lawn Services

All-State Pest and Lawn has for over 70 years provided the best pest control, lawn and landscaping service out of Memphis, Tennessee.

They have used these years of experience to their advantage, providing the best landscaping service that can be found in the Memphis region. They take a personalised approach to every property, helping to develop a landscape and hardscape that stands out and fits your needs. From walkways, fire pits, patio extensions, outdoor lighting and ponds, there is a lot All-State Pest and Lawn can build for you.

For those who truly understand the added value a good lawn adds to their house, All-State Pest and Lawn has always been the preferred lawn service. There is a clear distinction in their service. They have a carefully designed program named the All-Season Lawn Care. This program is a carefully designed program for deep-root fertilisation and ph-balancing lime application, and the control of seasonal weeds to ensure a greener, healthier, lawn free of weeds.

Should you require irrigation services to save you from hauling a hose across your lawn each time, then this Memphis pest and lawn service are what you need. They use premium brand materials to craft customised irrigation services to keep your lawn properly moist throughout the summer. Spring start-up services and winterization services are also available including the maintenance and repairs of existing irrigation services.

From small family homes to motels and hotels, bed bugs are the major bother in Memphis affecting over 75% of hotels and motels. Worse, 93% of single-family homes are also infested with these parasitic insects that feed on human blood. For a lasting solution to the bed bug problem, call on the technicians at All-State Pest and Lawn Services.

They also provide comprehensive pest control services including termite, mice and rat solutions, and mosquito solutions. This is very important. Pests like those already mentioned are transmitters of thousands of diseases that could adversely affect your quality of life. Others like termites can damage your building irrespective of type and are a regular spring occurrence in Memphis. Rats are a major source of electrical hazards and fires as they often chew on wires. Rats bite about 45,000 people annually. Over 2 million people – according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology – suffer from allergic reactions resulting from insects. These are all reasons why you need a pest and bug control professional.

All-State Pest and Lawn serves Shelby and Fayette Counties, Tennessee; DeSoto, Mississipi; and Crittenden county, Arizona, all within the Memphis area. Give them a call today.

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